SouthPaw Animal Hospital

389 York Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 3P6





We are well equipped for efficient and accurate diagnostics allowing for us to offer options for your pets care as quickly as possible.


We have an extensive in-house laboratory for blood, urine and fecal tests.  


Digital radiology and ultrasound are our tools for internal imaging. 


Our blood pressure monitor is used to diagnose hypertension in pets and it is also one of the many tools we use for anesthetic monitoring.


Patients with sprains and strains, post-surgical pain, skin lesions and chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis benefit from the effects of our therapeutic laser.


 We perform soft tissue, orthopedic and dental surgery and we offer both acupuncture and laser therapy.  


Our dental suite includes digital dental x-ray in addition to an ultrasonic scaler and polisher.  Our dental services include cleaning and polishing, x-ray, tooth extractions and capping of minor enamel defects.


Patient comfort and care is always a top priority for our patients with comfy bedding, warm water and air therapy, pain medications, post-surgical laser therapy, individual attention, monitoring and lots of TLC.